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PR-Living Belgium is a third generation, family-owned furniture brand with production facilities in three different continents where it brings the best of Belgian-inspired Design Upholstery & Furniture pieces to global consumers.

As a global player, PR-Living is proud to be the supplier of many renowned architects, wholesalers, and retailers. Feel free to browse through our Store Locator page where our Global Identity can be witnessed. PR is represented in over 60 different countries. PR-Living has always been able to provide top notch quality and service due to their vast experience in furniture production. In 2004, PR-Living established its production plant in East China through a local partner. We are proud to say that the solid partnership is still thriving today! The blend of each partners' knowledge and skills in design and manufacture means that the production team is offering the expertise in terms of producing craft furniture and upholstery pieces while the international design team takes care of collection development and brand design. 

The growth of our company continues in 2011 with the establishment of a new production plant in Romania. Due to being located conveniently in West Romania, it allows us to offer fast delivery solutions across the whole of Europe. The expansion enabled PR-Living to offer the same Asia-manufactured collection in Europe so PR was able to increase its footprint on the European home furnishing market. This exemplified in the slogan "One World One collection". PR-Living is proud to announce that this slogan is not insignificant, in 2021 we will have our newly-established production plant in Mexico operational as well! Another milestone for the company reached in the year 2020 it celebrates its 60 Years Anniversary!


Factories located in China, Mexico & Romania

European International Management

We produce the entire PR Living collection in both our China & Romania production entities: One World - One Collection. Ranging from sofas and chairs to tables and cabinets. We finished construction of our latest factory in 2017 and we are proud to say that PR Living has modern productions with state of the art machinery.

On top of this, starting from 2021, PR Living will be opening it's 3th production entitity located in Mexico to offer fast delivery solutions to fast growing markets America & South-America.


PR-Living's employees inspire our creativity and our success.

This talented network takes pride from designing furniture to producing

the best quality for our customers.


Ameline Vandecasteele


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