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Project Grade Fabrics & Leathers

Our Fabrics are sourced together with exclusive partnerships from European Suppliers.


We work with 150 carefully sourced Fabrics & 50 Analine Leathers.

The PR Living selection is Hospitality Project Grade complied with proven certifications in

  • Easyclean,

  • Fire Retardant,

  • Liquid Repellent,

  • Hydrolysis

  • Anti Allergic

Solid Oak - Keep calm it's Natural!

Wood is a living matter which constantly adapt to extreme changes in temperature, light & humidity.

Therefore you cannot expect wood to be perfectly smooth for years without any maintenance.


These characteristics are typical to the material so by choosing this material you accept them.

  • Heritage Oak

  • Reclaimed Oak

  • Fjord Oak

  • Black Oak

  • Smoked Oak


FSC Wood Certificated

PR LIVING uses FSC certificated wood in order to promote responsible management worldwide. It is important for us to sell furniture which have been determinated sustainable or eco-friendly in order to help our ecosystem.

The increasing threat of climate change has made us realize how important sustainable forestry is.

Wood Veneer - A Genuine Wood Top Layer

As a leading manufacturer of furniture products with dealers worldwide, we are aware of our responsibilities in terms of our environmental impact.

The top layer of PR-veneer is a sheet of real wood veneer assembled according an unique mix match technique. The result is a pleasant touching surface where the protection, the natural feel and exclusive appearance of the wood are well-balanced.

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Stone - A  Sustainable Solution

A material that provides functionality and performance while allowing maximum scope for customization.

PR-stone opens the door to exceptional creativity versatility in aesthetics and color, a range of surfaces with various designs to suit the most varied of styles.

Made from a natural blend of selected ceramic clays and mineral-based colors, PR-stone sintered surfaces combine the typical characteristics of porcelain stoneware - long-lasting and stable, resistant to high temperatures, UV rays, waterproof,

 highly resistant to stain and scratches and easy to clean -

with appearance of natural stone.

advantages ceramic.jpg

Powder coated Metal

Powder coating adds to the steel's durability, helping the frame to withstand damages better and last longer.

Unlike other treatments that can easily crack, peel, chip, scratch and corrode, powder coated steel frames are more durable and can withstand the environment better.

The process itself has littly impact on the environment. It requires no harmful solvents and does not emit vapors or fumes like liquid paint does.

Because of it's durability and resistance to abrasion and corrosion, powder coated steel require littloe to no maintenance.

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